Back to School Teen Special for Just $65.

August 2011 Special: Send them back to school with clear, glowing skin. The Teen Express gives teens quick, effective support and a deep pore cleansing, extraction, a germicidal action and treatment mask; Teaching the importance of home care!

Cool Off with Sweet Summer Treatment

Summer is a time we tend to associate with relaxation. Between beach vacations, outdoor dining and “summer Fridays,” there are plenty of reasons to feel easy-breezy between May and August. But if you’re looking to melt away any residual stresses that may not have been washed away by sea waters, or you just need to [...]

Combine Science and Spa to Update Services Offered at Balensi Spa

Spa treatments tested by NASA and Navy Seals?  High-tech spa services can sound less than relaxing, but with science advancing at the speed of light, why shouldn’t spas take advantage of the benefits?  It turns out that light is exactly that our bodies need when it comes to healing, and spas on the cutting edge, [...]

Enhance Your Healthy Summer Glow with Spa.

There is nothing more beautiful than smooth, healthy sun-kissed skin. Make sure it is always ready for the reveal with a spa treatment today. It’s the perfect time to clear your mind and replenish your skin with a spa treatment that brings out your summer glow. Maintain Your Healthy Summer Glow, make your summer spa [...]

Measures to combat and eliminate pimples and blackheads

The Acne occurs when sebaceous glands, responsible for bringing to the surface dead skin cells for disposal through the follicles, these follicles are clogged. The dead cells then accumulate under the skin, causing black spots, blackheads and pimples. Most of the world population suffers during adolescence. However, many adults suffer after 30 years. If you [...]