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Body Care Therapies - Spa Services in Chula Vista
Aromatheraphy Mineral Scrub

A relaxing body polish using mineral salts massaged into skin to scrub away dry skin cells, leaving it soft and younger looking. Choose energizing or mineral salts.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Aromatheraphy Mineral Scrub
Sea Salt Skin Glow

Scented salt crystals and body gel are lathered onto the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Excellent treatment before sunbathing.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Sea Salt Skin Glow
Clay Body Mask

Purifying red clay from Ile de France and the French sea basin is applied from toes to the neck, cleaning out pores and toning your skin.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Clay Body Mask
Seaweed & Kelp Body Masque

This masque, rich in vitamins and minerals from the Dead sea is applied from toes to the neck, deeply detoxifying and moisturizing skin. Sea kelp naturally increases metabolism to boost energy and is an excellent accompaniment to weight loss programs.

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Seaweed & Kelp Body Masque
Oatmeal Body Polish

Skin is gently polished with oatmeal cream. This exfoliates dead cells while soothing and hydrating the skin. Includes loofa gloves

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Oatmeal Body Polish
Cellulite Treatment

The unique combination of Dead Sea Salts and massage oil introduce detoxifying nutrients into your skin. An active cellulite cream is worked into cellulites areas with an electro-massage to improve circulation and reduce fatty deposits. Then a deliciously warm Dead Sea Paraffin is brushed over you, wrapped in a blanket, you relax for 20 minutes as the paraffin penetrates deep into your tissue to enhance inch loss.

Treatment Time 1 Hour

San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Cellulite Treatment
Vishy Shower

The Vichy Shower was designed in Vichy, France as one of the hydrokinetic treatments. The Vishy shower body treatment consists of a waterproof massage table and a set of many shower heads that rain down pressured water to your body, while you are lying on the table; providing a relaxing and therapeutic water massage.

The health benefits include
Relief of muscular tension, stimulation of circulation, deep relaxation , renewed energy, eliminatiuion of toxins.

You lie comfortably on a bed situated under a rainbar with many rotating showerheads that cover the whole body with a warm shower.

The body is exfoliated & jet temperature & strength regulated and guided by your therapist to areas holding tension. The perfect compliment to a massage.


San Diego Beauty Day Spa Treatments (Chula Vista) - Vishy Shower
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