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Stem Cell Facials - Spa Services in Chula Vista
Clark’s Botanicals Stem Cell Lift

Harnessing the skin-protecting power of rare Swiss apple stem cells, this ultimate anti-aging facial delivers intense hydration, lift and vitality. The concentrated formula also features collagen-boosting Centella Asiatica and moisture-binding Algae Extract. Continuing with an anti-wrinkle serum incorporates two topical neuropeptides plus multiple antioxidants to effectively reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown furrows, pinched lip lines and even bands on the neck.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial

Madonna's Fountain of Youth!
Oxygen facials have become a favorite of spa celebrity Madonna -Hyperbaric Oxygen Facialbecause of the instant plumping of the skin and the “warm glow” that accompanies the treatment. The facial uses compressed oxygen, which is sprayed directly on the surface of your skin via a spray gun that resembles an airbrush artist’s tool. The high-pressure pure oxygen is generally blended with a nutrient-rich serum.

The intense pressure forces the oxygen-nutrient blend past the outer layers of the skin to the deeper levels of the epidermis, which results in an immediate plumping of the skin. This may leave your skin feeling smoother and looking more youthful. In addition to smoothing and plumping, tiny imperfections in the skin are hidden and the effects can last for up to 48 hours.

24K Gold Facial

Luxury anti-aging treatment based on 24K Gold that offers the skin an unparalleled therapy of luminosity and cellular regeneration. 24K Gold Facial, luxury anti-aging facial treatment is restoring in a sophisticated way with the life, light and richness it needs. The 24K Gold Facial lifts and firms your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brighten the skin. A potent anti-aging formulation using pure 24K Gold. Rejuvenates and nourishes the skin, giving it a long lasting youth glow.


Mesoeclat is a skin peel system specifically designed to fight the effects of aging caused by genetic and environmental factors. The Mesoeclat method ensures excellent anti-aging results giving the skin a firmer, clearer appearance with less fine lines and wrinkles. Improvement is visible almost immediately, and continues through the course of five sessions.

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