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Enzymes Peels - Spa Services in Chula Vista
Natural Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

A powerful natural repair therapy. It has the richest source of beta carotene and ascorbic acid to combat oxidative, free radical damage. Pumpkin contains over 100 nutrients and will benefit all skin types.

Natural Cherry Enzyme Peel

Active flavenoids found in lush rich cherries search out and destroy damaging free radicals.

Natural Mango Enzyme Peel

One of the world’s most succulent fruits, the peel helps rejuvenate dry or problem skin. Suitable for all skin types and helps with sun damage, Rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, dry dehydrated skin and premature aging.

Natural Orange Enzyme Peel

The most popular fruit in the world with over 200 valuable treasures. This blend of real orange zest produces a treatment that leaves the skin clean and clear.

Natural Cranberry Enzyme Peel

A rich source of flavenoids and beneficial phenolic acids which protect cells from oxidative and inflammatory injury.

Papaya Enzyme Peel

Papaya Enzyme Peeling is a special Enzymatic-Keratolytic-Micro-Exfoliation treatment with natural papaya extracts which remove the excess corneum layers and dead tissues on the skin. It pre-softens clogged pores and helps to normalize impure skins conditions. After treatment, the skin is soft, smooth and supple, and the pores are refined and tightened.

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