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V-Style with Vanessa Valiente - Balensi Spa in San Diego

July 12, 2008

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Balensi Spa in San Diego

Balensi Spa Chula VistaBalensi Spa in Chula Vista recently asked me to check out their spa and get a facial. I cannot tell you how fabulous it was! It was a much-needed pleasure for myself both emotionally and physically. The spa itself has a calming coziness I have not seen in other Spas in San Diego. The décor and ambience of it speaks of both luxury and of my family’s country cabin.

Once laying down and waiting for the facial to begin, I was put at ease immediately by my aesthetician, Lorena Balensi herself. She was informative, soothing and sweet, never speaking one unnecessary word.

I was given the European facial to specifically to treat my dehydrated skin with products from Sothys. I was massaged, lotioned, exfoliated, oiled, extracted and lotioned some more with a variety of masks, creams and electronic tools. All while listening to music that was more interesting then the usual relaxation tunes, but just as peaceful.

Balensi Spa San DiegoIt’s hard to decide what the best part was, the fabulous pampering of the process or the after effects. I looked incredibly fresh and smooth. I felt like I could see my skin again. When I peaked in the mirror my face was reminiscent of a photo my mom took of me in front of her garden when I was twelve.

As for the lasting effects, the electronic tools and serums she used ensured that the bacterium was killed and no breakouts would occur afterwards. Two days later I only have two minor red bumps on my chin already fading. Mama’s looking good.

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