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About Balensi Spa:

Balensi Spa is one of San Diego’s beautiful, resort-style spas.  Most people probably have no clue it even exists, being tucked away in an inconspicuous location behind downtown Chula Vista. Once you visit, you will immediately feel as though you’ve been transported to a luxurious day spa in the Mediterranean.  And there is a reason for that.

The owners have spent much of their lives either living or visiting France and other European countries.  Here they have taken notes on what the most prestigious spas have done to create the ultimate, luxuriating experience.  They then took all the inspiration they gathered and created Balensi Spa.

balensi spa

The property itself that the spa is in was actually built in 1910!  I’m all for historic preservation instead of tearing the lovely home down, so thank you to the owners for that! The owners then turned the backyard into a beautiful courtyard, with individual bungalows where the beauty services are held.

Beyond the aesthetics of the place, the technicians are very serious about skincare and the many awards on the wall prove it. Co-Owner, Lorena, has made the front cover of many magazines for her top of the line facials.  She even has her own skin care line which can be purchased in their boutique!

One of their more unique offerings is the Body Scrub with Vishy Shower.  I had never heard of a vishy shower before and I guess that is because it is mostly used in Europe! The Vichy Shower was designed in Vichy, France as one of the hydrokinetic treatments. The Vishy shower body treatment consists of a waterproof massage table and a set of many shower heads that rain down pressured water to your body, while you are lying on the table; providing a relaxing and therapeutic water massage.

Make sure to visit the Living Coast Discovery Center while you’re in the area!

The health benefits include: Relief of muscular tension, stimulation of circulation, deep relaxation , renewed energy, elimination of toxins. You lie comfortably on a bed situated under a rainbar with many rotating showerheads that cover the whole body with a warm shower. The body is exfoliated & jet temperature & strength regulated and guided by your therapist to areas holding tension. The perfect compliment to a massage.

Balensi Spa also has high-tech machines that aid in amazing facials such as the oxygen or hydra-facials. They also offer cellulite treatments, a sauna, massage offerings and more! Get ready to be pampered!

Even the locker room is fancy:

Before your treatment, you get to unwind and relax in the sauna:

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A shot of me getting all dewy and prepping for my facial!

The courtyard where the treatment rooms are is a truly magical place and really makes you feel like you’ve transported to some exotic location: 

Here was my treatment room.  They have a bunch of high-tech machines here to make your skin flawless!

I mean, look at one of the steps!

Husband and wife team Lorena and Jean-Michel: 

Their boutique:


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Lorena's best beauty secret is on Yahoo News!

Mother's truly always know best. Be sure to check out what Lorena's best beauty secret is on Yahoo News!

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Balensi Spa is feature on Skin INC. magazine

Thank you @skinincmag for sharing that we have officially reopened our spa following quarantine! We are taking all precautions to keep our clients safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Temperatures will be taken before entering the spa and treatments rooms will be sanitized before and after each use. We are so excited to see you and welcome you back!

Balensi Skin Care Line

Thanks so much to Spy News Magazine for featuring our spa and skincare line! We are so proud of our owner, Lorena for using her wealth of knowledge to create a skincare line of high performance and cruelty free values!

Balensi’s Institute Skin Care & Spaat last, introduces its signature line of beauty products after much demand among its clients at the popular Southern California spa. The collection is comprised of Cleansers/toners: Replenished mild wash, marine extract, and clarifying rosehip cleanser, Moisturizers: Intense hydrating Hyaluronic, and Blemish control, Serums: Super Antioxidant C + Ferulic, and pore minimizer, and Anti-Aging: Retinol rescue, Regenerating Stem Cell, Neck Renovator, and Grow Factor Age-Defying Biopeptide. Each product was meticulously formulated to effectively care, maintain or improve sensitive skin concerns. 


Clinical esthetician Lorena Balensi, the founder of Balensi’s Institute Skin Care & Spa in California, conceived the products based on years of first-hand experience in caring and treating for the skin issues of her clients. She worked closely with chemists during a long process of research and development to come up with the precise blends of each product that addresses a range of skin issues from rejuvenation to reversing signs of aging. Her combinations of natural and advanced ingredients are hypoallergenic and ideal for all skin types. The resulting line of high-performance products contain no fillers and was cruelty-free tested to be safely mixed with each other for the maintenance and care of the skin.

Liz from interview Balensi Spa "Spas reopen with stringent safety protocols"

Quick Home Spa Experience

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Lorena Balensi and Balensi Spa was featured
online by Cultivated in “The Beauty & Wellness
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Balensi Spa story on eyelash

Balensi Spa story on eyelash

The Spa Insider; Spa & Beauty Today January 2020


For those looking for a personalized and relaxing day spa experience in San Diego County, Balensi's Institute Skin Care & Spa offers an innovative menu of services, along with tranquil decor with Mediterranean accents surrounded by lush greenery.

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Current Woman Magazine. Interviewing Lorena Balensi May 2019

Lorena Balensi, a tenacious and enterprising woman in charge of Balensi Spa, was named woman of the month in May 2019 by the magazine Mujer Actual. Where Lorena was interviewed and we were able to learn about her story.

Join us to see this wonderful interview, where our dear Lorena Balensi tells how she exceeded herself personally and professionally, and how she became the full and successful woman she is now!

You can see the full article on this page, selecting the May 2019 edition


Revista Mujer Actual. Entrevistando a Lorena Balensi, May 2019

Lorena Balensi, una mujer tenaz y emprendedora al frente de Balensi Spa, fue nombrada mujer del mes en Mayo del 2019 por la revista Mujer Actual. Donde Lorena fue entrevistada y pudimos conocer de su historia.

Acompañanos a ver esta maravillosa entrevista, donde nuestra querida Lorena Balensi cuenta como se supero personal y profesionalmente, y como es que llego a ser la mujer plena y exitosa que es ahora!

Puedes ver el articulo completo en esta pagina, seleccionando la edicion de Mayo del 2019:


El Latino Newspaper September 15 2005

Relájese y balensi’s lo rejuvenecerá 
Es muy claro que una buena apariencia física dice mucho de uno como persona, así como sabemos que la cara, la piel y el cuerpo en general es la carta de presentación que nos llevará a conseguir muchas de nuestras metas, ya sea para atraer a la persona.


Download in PDF 

San Diego Family Magazine August 2008

The 60 Second Parent

"My 17-year-old daughter keeps pleading with me to let her get a peel for her acne scars. She no longer has acne, but how safe and effective are peels?" - Read answer by Lorena Balensi by viewing the full article here

Download in PDF 


V-Style: Balensi Spa Review July 12 2008

Balensi Spa In San Diego

Balensi Spa in Chula Vista recently asked me to check out their spa and get a facial. I cannot tell you how fabulous it was! It was a much-needed pleasure for myself both emotionally and physically. The spa itself has a calming coziness I have not seen in other Spas in San Diego. The décor and ambience of it speaks of both luxury and of my family’s country cabin.

View original article online at V-style website

Skin Inc Magazine: Awards & Recognition May 2008

Spa Week Luxe Award for "Best Facial"

Balensi’s Institute Skin Care & Spa in Chula Vista, CA, has been honored with the Spa Week Luxe Award for“Best Facial.” 619-476-0706, info@

Download in PDF

El Latino Newspaper July 13 2007

El beneficio del peeling
La piel latina siempre llama la atención, mucha gente gasta enormes cantidades en bronceados para lucir aquella tez luminosa.

El bronceado natural que además delata el origen étnico de una cultura llena de ritmo, es incomparable. 

Download in PDF 

San Diego Union Tribune. January 14 2007

Made in the Shades

The shades of the American rainbow are getting darker. And speaking Spanish, too. As the country's Latino population continues to grow, America's typical, fresh-faced rosy look is being joined by the glowing shades of dark caramels and light browns.

Download in PDF

El Latino Newspaper June 29 2006

Un bronceado perfecto
CHULA VISTA.- El tema del bronceado siempre es un trastorno. Siempre estamos leyendo y escuchando que ponerse bajo los rayos ultavioleta es peligrosísimo y que el costo de tener una piel dorada, a futuro puede convertirse en un dolor de cabeza.

Download in PDF 

El Latino Newspaper November 23 2005

Luzca mejor, de pies a cabeza
Muchas personas piensan que un tratamiento para mejorar su apariencia está muy por encima de su presupuesto. Pero la realidad es que usted no tiene que pagar miles de dólares para lucir bien. Sólo basta con visitar balensi’s Institute Skin.

Download in PDF 

El Latino Newspaper June 24 2004

Belleza, terapia y descanso
Hoy puede ser el día en que los problemas con el acné, manchas, arrugas, poros abiertos y exceso de vello pueden desaparecer. Acompañe cualquier tratamiento con un relajante masaje de aceites aromáticos, un tratamiento para celulitis.

Download in PDF